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The Menu

Masala Special Dishes

Masala Murghi

Specially-baked, tandoori chicken, cooked with mince meat, fresh herbs and various spices to our own recipe. Served with egg fried rice. FOR TWO PEOPLE.


Masala Gosht

Tandoori-cooked, diced lamb cooked in ghee and special spices. A creamy dish.


Masala Palok Murghi

Baked, diced chicken cooked in oriental spices, tomatoes and butter, topped with cream and spinach.


Masala Dergiling

Chicken or lamb cooked in a blend of exotic spices with onion rings and green pepper.


Masala Mali

Mildly-spiced chicken or lamb blended with mixed ground nuts and cream.


Masala Bahar

Specially fried lamb, finely minced, flavoured with spices and herbs. Cooked in a mild, creamy sauce.


Masala Pilipili

Chicken, lamb or prawn cooked with fresh, green chillies, green pepper, fresh coriander and shredded ginger in a very hot, spicy sauce.


Masala Chingri Jul

King-sized prawn cooked in oriental spices.


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